A letter from Mahatma Ghandi

  • Este texto, escrito por Adriana Gaztañasa, fue seleccionado como Finalista en la Categoría A (Primer Ciclo de la ESO) del concurso “Vestigia Humanitatis”.

Dear Ba,

I am writing this letter to tell you everything that happened.

I do apologize because I didn’t agree on trying other methods in order to cure your illness but you have to understand my naturalist beliefs. I appreciate that you followed me in my fight for the freedom of India and my fight against injustice.

Thank you for respecting my personal decision and accepting my celibacy, for being faithful.

‘We can stumble and fall, but we must get up again; it should be enough if we run away from the battle’.

I wish you the best wherever you are.

Mahatma Gandhi.


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